Derek Hearst

Hi, I'm Derek Hearst

Full Stack Web Developer

A software developer with a love for Svelte and WebDev

You can contact me a: [email protected]

Derek Hearst

About me

My interest in development started with creating game addons and maps for Garrys Mod. Learning Lua for game modding led me to taking software development courses in high school, then computer science in college. My passion for development really took off when I created tools for my coworkers while working at HP, and I decided to take a web development course at Boise CodeWorks.

I love my cat who I rescued off the street as a kitten, ping pong, video games, and science fiction.

I created custom content for an online gaming community called Chrono Gaming, which I owned and operated. I plan on recreating this server when the game S&Box comes out of alpha.

My front-end technologies include JavaScript, TypeScript, Svelte, Vue, Tailwind CSS, and Bootstrap.

javascript typescript svelte vue tailwind css bootstrap

My back-end technologies includes Node.js, Express, MongoDB, SQL, C#, and ASP.NET .

nodejs mongodb mysql c sharp


Keepr is a Pinterest clone designed to be an example of serverless DB connections, and strongly typed prisma queries

-Svelte -TailwindCSS -SvelteKit -Prisma -Prisma Data Proxy -MongoDB -TypeScript -API's

The movie knight platform enables users are able to browse through a selection of popular and classic films, select a movie to watch at a specific date and time, and invite their friends to join them. They are also be able to create watch lists of movies they want to see and share these lists with their friends, allowing them to easily plan future movie nights and discover new films to watch together.

-Vue -Express.js -MongoDB -Mongoose -Cloudflare Pages

PrintTool is an automated testing and printer management tool I designed while working at HP. It allows for complex logging of printer operations, runtime generated print jobs, and automatic firmware upgrading. It can communicate over serial connections, WebSockets, and telnet

-C# -WPF -WebSockets -Serial Connections -IPP -Web Scraping

Tower is a event sharing and creation platform, deigned to quickly create social gatherings of all scale.

-Vue -Express.js -MongoDB -Bootstrap -Auth0

Inspire is an expanded upon todo-list that fetches from multiple apis to include, weather, time, to-dos, quotes, and a random background image.

-Svelte -TailwindCSS -Vite -API's